Secure Email For Keeping Your Identity Safe

When things turn to crypto related stuff, security is one of the main keys for experiencing the best. The security consists of hundreds of points. Safety of a device, control of ISP, antivirus software, and an email. The more secure email you have, the more privacy you get.

Secure email has become equally necessary to an everyday user or a businessman. Because in most cases, emails are what we use the most when creating various accounts, opening online crypto wallets, getting notifications, etc. Most noteworthy, when we forget a password we use the reminder function which sends an email with further steps to get our account back. In simple words, if you have lost access to your email, you’ve lost a control.

Furthermore, a security term contains not only your password and access to an email account but reading your emails and messages without your knowledge as well, or in one word – privacy. These days many governments and institutions force email service providers to give access to an inbox or filter out the data they need. This happens in dictatorship countries a lot, even if you are not a criminal, they still get your data. Especially, if you aren’t humble to a system. Don’t forget about hackers from such countries as well, which target cryptocurrency users.

Not to mention the companies which track all content going through their servers. Later they use that for showing you relevant ads or selling the data to 3rd parties. You probably even don’t catch that instantly. An ad about Greece shows up because of flight tickets just got to an inbox. Later you see more ads offering to rent a car or book a hotel room in Athens. The place where a plane lands tomorrow.

In order to be sure that your emails, messages, sensitive data are secure, we needed an email provider which is honest, secure, reliable and most important – transparent. And this need was filled when ProtonMail has born. Privacy of emails jumped to the next level.

Here it is – ProtonMail, a secure email

ProtonMail is Switzerland based, email service provider with a growing list of available features, high level of security both physically and technically (their servers are deep under the ground, somewhere in Switzerland Alps) and providing a decent privacy. It’s loved by journalists, politically active people, various activists, and the people who are aware of their privacy & security. The people who understand that secure mail is a must have now.

To go more into details, ProtonMail has end-to-end encryption and no one can read your emails without having a key which is controlled by you, of course. In addition, ProtonMail’s source code is open, so anyone can audit it and check if there are no backdoors left. Mobile and desktop software available for all devices together with browser support.

Moreover, Proton Technologies staff has zero access to users data. Data gets encrypted on the client’s side. So everything the company stores is a lot of pieces with encrypted data only. No one can access, nor restore it if it’s lost. Additionally, ProtonMail states that they do not save any of metadata like IP address. Another cool feature – self-destructing emails. Just set a timer and an email will be deleted from both, recipient and sender boxes.

We are not going deeper than that, but in general, ProtonMail provides a really great level of security combined with privacy. Knowing the fact that these services are free and testing doesn’t cost even a single penny we highly recommend to test it yourself. You can always delete your account if you do not like the services they provide.

Together with a free plan, ProtonMail has some paid plans as well. They allow to increase a size of inbox, add more addresses, create more labels, etc. The plan after a free one starts as low as $5/month. In like manner, Proton supports enterprise plans which stay individual.

Besides all these points, ProtonMail doesn’t require to provide personal details when registering. Also, users can pay in Bitcoin for the email. That guarantees a full privacy of an identity. Due to the nature of these services, we highly recommend paying in crypto despite it supports credit cards.

However, not to get away too far from reality we want to clarify some points. First of all, ProtonMail isn’t some secretly hidden company. It still complies with the law of Switzerland. So if you’re using it for some illegal activity, ProtonMail will follow rules and laws. Secondly, your account can be still hacked and accessed by unauthorized persons. Of course, that depends on you – what security precautions did you take. We will try to cover it in our future posts. Although, turn on 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) immediately after an account was created. This is most important and a first step to do.

Conclusion of ProtonMail

To sum up, Proton Technologies gave us a really nice gift. Free (or paid if you need more), private and secure email with all the features other providers support. It’s amazing what you get for this value. We cannot expect more.

On the contrary, ProtonMail isn’t a miracle. If you need bulletproof email, with full control in your hands, this is the case for an individual solution. Just remember that it may cost tons of money and will still have vulnerabilities.

As this blog is dedicated to ordinary people and users, we think that ProtonMail is more than enough. It wasn’t breached since becoming public and there are no reports of serious security issues. It’s up to you what email provider to use.


Disclaimer: isn’t connected or have not any financial relationships with Proton Technologies AG. This article is written to increase people awareness of security & privacy of emails. Also, we do not compare it with other service providers and do not uplift Protonmail above others. 

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