Crypto Sources You Must Follow

Every person who has hobbies or interests always follows various sources of information. It doesn’t matter if it’s a basketball or fishing, he reads different forums, follows Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, reads manifold news portals, etc. Why? Because of the power of knowledge. A curiosity drives us forward all the time. Every kite surfer has tons of mobile applications with air & wind predictions, equally forex trader has even more applications with currency graphs and charts. A cryptocurrency is not an exception, of course. If you’re into it, you must follow many different sources to pursue a path. That’s why we made this list of best crypto sources to have bookmarked.

Cryptocurrency News

The first and most important source – crypto news portals. They have big teams of journalists and people passionate about it. Also, they publish several times a day and cover topics which aren’t usually published by a traditional media. Furthermore, journalists have an access to many resources which cannot be reached by a regular internet user. Here we go, the list with top 5 crypto news sites:

  1. CoinDesk
  2. CoinTelegraph
  3. CCN (CryptoCurrency News)
  4. Crypto News
  5. AMB Crypto


Reddit Boards

Not to mention, Reddit is a massive source reminding a forum. Tons of cryptocurrency enthusiasts gathered here since the very beginning of it. Many legends still discuss here. Also, most of the users are very aware and notice a lot of important signs of upcoming storms or big storms.

However, it should be used with caution because some of the Redditors may spread rumors or fake news (yeah, yeah, I know). Instead of believing everything here, just double check the facts. After all, look at these subreddits:

  1. r/Bitcoin
  2. r/btc
  3. r/Cryptocurrency
  4. r/Cryptocurrencies
  5. r/Cryptomarkets


Twitter Accounts

I have no doubts that you already have heard this social network. And it’s extremely loved by cryptocurrency wolfs. They share their opinions, insights, pieces of advice and many other amazing tweets.

At the same time, it can be very manipulative. Some of the users with hundreds of thousands of followers tweets something that can influence the movement of price. However, it still stays a great source for everyone. If you don’t have an account Twitter account yet, just create one and follow these guys:

  1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos
  2. Vitalik Buterin
  3. Charlie Lee
  4. Luke Martin
  5. Erik Voorhees


Forums as Crypto Sources

Great place to find some interesting thoughts. Also, one of the forums is where everything has started – here is the first Satoshi Nakamoto forum post created on 11th of February, 2009. Sadly, spam took over the quality content and interesting topics need a lot of time for being discovered. So as to, check these forums:

  1. BitcoinTalk
  2. Forum
  3. StackExchange
  4. CryptoCompare Forum
  5. CryptoCurrency Talk


We didn’t put any anchor texts for the sources explaining what a person, site or link is. The best way to learn is to dig in more. With this intention, we hope this list will help in your cryptocurrency journey! Psss… don’t forget subscribing our newsletter and get an email when new article gets published!


Disclaimer: All crypto sources are not listed in the sequence order. Also, sources may not correspond to our opinions and ethics. Use them under your own due diligence. Double check the facts and statements before taking any financial action. 

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