Wall street bets reddit group will now focus on dogecoin

Wall Street Bets

-Wall street bets increased its game stop shares from $ 20 to $ 350 in January.

-WSB worked in an organized way, especially on reddit, which brought the stock price $350.

-Moderators of the group announced that they will now be interested in the crypto market.


Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin only

-Moderator “bawse1” said in a statement, “I don’t see any point in postponing the inevitable because the crypto money is permanent.

-After long discussions, we decided to talk only about BTC, ETH and DOGE. ” used the expressions.

Wall street bets are expected to be particularly effective on Dogecoin. Doge also benefited from a grassroots promotional campaign.

-With the tweets of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Mark Cuban’s decision to accept Dogecoin at Dallas Mavericks matches, the coin reached masses on a global scale.

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