MINA, MINA Coin Price and What is mina coin?


Mina Coin is the world’s first small blockchain network. Mina Only 22 kb will remain no matter how big it is. Other blockchain networks are growing day by day. Sizes range from 300-400 Gb. However, this size of Minada is only 22 kilobytes. It is called easily accessible, fast and decentralized. He’s pretty good at speed.

The most important features of the Mina coin

1- Having its own blockchain network

2- A system supported by large communities

3- Pre-sale on Coinlist

4- Coinbasein support


Where can I buy?

You can currently buy it from Coinlist as pre-sale.

When can i buy?

– Pre-sale will be on April 13-15

How much is the selling price?

  • 25 CENT
  • 0.25 USD

With which cryptocurrencies can I buy from coinlist






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